Tech Info

High Resolution Digital Images (HRDI)

  • HRDIs are high quality and prepared to ICC (International Colour Consortium) standards.
  • The skill and time to get the images to this level of quality is extensive.
  • The final print result will depend on the skills of the professional photographer, monitor, software, printer, printer ink and print media. For accurate colour reproduction ALL of these steps need to be calibrated and profiled.
  • Once the HRDI is removed from Loose Canon Images , we  take no responsibility for the final appearance of reproduced image.
  • HRDI files are suitable for printing to any size, depending on the software, printing device and print media used.

Low Resolution Digital Images (LRDI)

  • LRDIs are medium quality images that have been density and colour corrected to ICC (International Colour Consortium) standards.
  • Loose Canon Images will make available LRDI’s generally for the purpose of PC viewing, social media sites and  email.
  • LRDIs will not reproduce professional quality prints


Purchasing the digital images includes the following licensing provisions:

  • A ‘usage license’ is provided with the digital files.
  • The client is provided with a license to print, duplicate, distribute and share the images for domestic purposes only.
  • No commercial usage is provided, i.e. advertising, commercial media, magazine, newspaper, commercial website, brochure or any publication, unless permission is obtained from Loose Canon Images.
  • The final print/reproduction/result of the image will depend on the operator, monitor, software, printer, printer ink, and print media. For accurate colour reproduction, ALL of these steps need to be calibrated and profiled.
  • Consequently, no responsibility or liability is taken for the final appearance or result of reproducing the image files.


Colour Management

  • Colour management is the process of ensuring colours are true and consistent, from capture, to edit to final print.
  • Every device displays colours differently. Even monitors of the exact same brand, model and age will have slight differences. This is unlikely to impact on the average office user but will have a huge impact on the work of a photographer or creative professional that needs to be able to trust what is displayed on the monitor.
  • In colour management the colour displaying characteristics of each device are mapped to an ICC profile, the colour fingerprint of the device. When the operating system of the computer reads this ICC profile it knows exactly how the device produces colours and can compensate for colour cast and other variances so the displayed colours are exactly as they should be, – 100% correct and true to the information stored in the image file.
  • If work is passed on in the middle of the process (e.g. off site printing), colour management is even more important since others have no way of knowing how it looked on your screen, unless it is colour calibrated.
  • Colour Management is the only way to avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming reprints.

Using Digital Images

  • Images supplied on the DVD are prepared and saved in jpeg.
  • Monitors must be correctly calibrated to view the digital image files accurately.
  • Printers and the print media used must be correctly profiled to accurately reproduce the colour of the digital file.


 All product(s) retain legal copyright of LOOSE CANON IMAGES at all times, as described under Australian Statutory Law. Any photography supplied to clients, either in a print form, for display on the Internet or for inclusion onto video, cannot be used for any commercial purpose. They are strictly for personal use only, LOOSE CANON IMAGES reserves the right to use your images for any form of advertising to promote their company, including but not limited to: Web based promotions, brochures, galleries and competitions.


Optional Extras

  • LCI can also arrange professional make up by a fully qualified beauty therapist at extra cost to the client.
  • Professional printing and framing service available on request.
  • Low resolution discs of your photos can be purchased for web sharing such as facebook, emailing etc.